An Artificial Intelligence capable of deciphering an unknown language

An incredible discovery: an Artificial Intelligence capable of deciphering a language still unknown to us today? Details not to be missed.

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Before diving into the heart of the news, let’s explain what Artificial Intelligence is and what its implications are. It is a discipline that studies (computer) techniques capable of simulating the capacities and attitudes of human thought.

Although there are several schools of thought regarding its use today, it has proven to be very valuable for some companies. What if these powerful tools were used for research? For example to decipher an unknown language?

Sensational discovery: thanks to the powerful means offered by Artificial Intelligence, Cyprus-Minoan can be deciphered

The sensational news comes from Italy and the prestigious University of Bologna which, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, is experiencing the daunting task of deciphering an ancient language.

The team of scientists is indeed working on a previously unknown language: it is Cypro-Minoan. This idiom dates back around 3500 years and was prevalent mainly on the island of Cyprus, especially during the late Bronze Age. Until now, no one had been able to decipher it.

What does the work of researchers consist of? They used a system called deep learning capable of opening new doors to this ancestral language. Using artificial intelligence, the research team believe that there are different sets of signs and that this inequality is due to the dissimilar styles.

Deep learning, in fact, attempts to emulate the brain – although it falls far short of replicating its capabilities. The powerful system used by the researchers is however able to find correspondences between the signs present on the clay tablets. We were thus able to reconstruct almost 70% of the matches between signs – they said.

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Currently the language has not yet been deciphered, but scientists argue that it is a single language, however, declined in different variants.

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