an ancient fresco reappears. The details

Pompeii is reconfirmed as an open-air museum. Unprecedented archaeological discovery: an ancient fresco reappears. Details not to be missed.

Pompeii (Photo from Pixabay)

Pompeii is an extraordinary example of the pride of our country, an open-air museum that surprises us every day with its wonder. A place full of charm and mystery at the same time. Every corner is steeped in art, history and culture. Treasures still buried that are gradually coming to light.

Its history is well known to all: in 79 AD, the powerful eruption of Vesuvius buried the entire city and its inhabitants under a blanket of lava. The first excavations date back to the 18th century and since then the campaign has continued to be relentless. Not only paintings and mosaics emerged, but also buildings and tools that allowed us to reconstruct the way of life during Roman supremacy.

Pompeii, discovered a fresco never seen before. Emotion and disbelief in the team of archaeologists

As we mentioned, in Pompeii the excavation campaigns never end and over the years priceless treasures have been discovered that have helped archaeologists to understand and decipher the habits of the people.

One of the latest discoveries has been defined by Minister Dario Franceschini himself as something unprecedented. For the first time, indeed, he had searched an area of ​​the city that had never been analyzed. This only shed new light on the whole archaeological area.

Back to the discovery: we are in the presence of a wonderful fresco representing the fight between two gladiators. It was found in some sort of basement, most likely in what must have been a store. It is assumed that it was painted in a place intended for warriors.

At present, the place where it was found still remains a source of mystery and research. Besides the fresco, no other part of the surrounding area has been brought back into vogue. The first step to follow, in fact, is to secure the area in order to avoid possible collapses.

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Pompeii reconfirms itself as a place full of wonder. Admired all over the world, it brings together millions and millions of tourists from all over the world every year.

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