An ancient coded message has been deciphered: an unprecedented historical discovery

Decrypted an old coded message. It is an unprecedented historical discovery. A mysterious secret revealed.

Old Code (Image from Pixabay)

In recent weeks, important archaeological discoveries have been recorded. Before getting to the heart of the news, it is necessary to clarify the place of discovery – the invaluable cradle of antiquity.

We are talking about the city of Palmyra, also known as the Bride of the Desert. It is an important archaeological site located north of Damascus. It was fortified and built by King Solomon and was an important place of trade.

Decrypted a very old code found in the archaeological ruins of Palmyra. Finally the truth about his mystery

The discovery in question sheds a completely different light on the Syrian territory and in particular on unresolved mysteries to this day. Especially a code that reveals a big secret.

Hieroglyph (Image from Pixabay)

What is it about? We are in the presence of a mysterious god that it has been possible to reveal thanks to a very precious engraving found in the middle of the ruins of Palmyra. It is finally possible to decipher what is written and find an answer to the many questions that scientists have asked themselves.

The sensational discovery was made by the team of researchers and paleontologists from the University of Bratislava. The group found the code on the walls of a building considered sacred. Initially, it was claimed that there were multiple deities, but later it was claimed that there was only one god.

Scientists have carried out numerous studies in this regard, also verifying certain inscriptions dating back to Mesopotamia, where it appeared that deities with names and appellations very similar to the one just found were worshipped. Priest of Time – so he was identified.

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The studies will continue and will also examine the inscriptions recently found, in order to have a complete picture of all that was the territory of Palmyra.

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