Amazing Discovery in the World: Mysterious Cave Paintings Emerge

Breathtaking discovery of the world: rock paintings emerge, to say the least mysterious. Details like this had never been seen before.

Cave Paintings (Image from Pixabay)

A sensational discovery from the other side of the world: cave paintings representing animal heads and gigantic human heads have been unearthed. Such a thing had never been seen before. The discovery is part of a very long project that turned out to be a real mystery.

We are located in Tanzania at the Amak’hee 4 site and it was made by a group of scientists from the University of Poland. Archaeologists believe that the painting was made with red pigments and white pigments.

Tanzania, a sensational discovery to say the least. Cave paintings with mysterious figures emerge. A real enigma

As we said earlier, it is a sensational discovery that sees the presence of more than 50 rock shelters, some of which are worn and deteriorated by climatic conditions.

But that’s not all, because particular animals such as wildebeest and buffaloes have been found on the various panels – as well as the human presence. The aspect that most struck the scientists is the deformity of the heads of the group, in particular of certain images.

What caught the attention of the members of the research team? As we just mentioned, the enormity of the heads remains a real mystery. Especially the head of a buffalo and the way it holds its horns. We try to understand what the link is with the populations.

This is not the first time that such images have been found in this region. The particularity lies precisely in the disproportionate size of the heads, this time however associated with the human figure. Could it be a headdress?

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All this remains a real mystery that, in the meantime, scientists are trying to solve.

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