all on a specimen never seen before

A curious and fascinating discovery, the one made by naturologists, who found a new species of fish never before seen in our waters.

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It’s amazing what divers discovered in a completely natural way while diving in northern Italy. The group discovered a species of fish that we can define as exotic, since it was thought impossible to find it in the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Yet, that is precisely what happened and they promptly reported to the proper authorities. not that it’s a dangerous fish to humans, but the find was certainly worth reporting.

“Beyond the species, the observation of a specimen of holocentridae represents an exceptional fact” explained the managers of the Marine Protected Area, always enthusiastic in front of an observation which for marine biologists is more unique than rare. . But where did this fascinating fact happen, and how does this species present itself to the eyes of man?

Observation of an exotic fish in the north of the country: what species is it?

The divers of the Nordè Diving team came across the beautiful fish, which then rushed to report everything to the Marine Protected Area of ​​Miramare, in the province of Trieste. In fact, humans have stumbled upon a rare specimen of squirrelfish.

The animal is actually native to the western Atlantic, so we are talking about areas near Brazil, Mexico, India and the Caribbean. “They made a short film which immediately came to the attention of our researchers, who recognized with great surprise and regret a squirrelfish, especially with nocturnal habits, which hides in cracks or under ledges during the day. “, explained the representatives of the Aire Marine de Miramare, with obvious pride for such an unusual fact.

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The researchers assume that the specimens arrived partly thanks to maritime transport, but the warming of the Mediterranean does not exclude that they could settle permanently.

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