Alert from the sea, the most dangerous species of fish for humans: the risks

Sea alarm, revealed the most dangerous species of fish to be. What are the risks in case of ingestion or sting? The details.

Shoal of Fish (Image from Pixabay)

As we know, the sea conceals within it many pitfalls to which particular attention must be paid. It turned out that even in Italian waters there are several dangers that you should be aware of. Correct information, in fact, is the only weapon we have to be able to counter them.

Let’s try to clarify which fish species are the most dangerous for humans, especially if we should ingest them by mistake or get bitten. How should we behave? Let’s try to answer some of the questions that Italians have in this regard.

Sea, four species of fish very harmful to humans. How can we protect ourselves?

As we have just mentioned, it turned out that in the Mediterranean Sea there are four species of fish that are very dangerous for humans. Let’s find out what they are and how we can be on our guard.

Pufferfish (Photo from Pixabay)

Let’s start with the most fearsome, namely the spotted pufferfish. This particular species was only recorded in Italy in 2013. What are its characteristics? It has dark gray and silver spots. It is very dangerous because it contains a powerful poisonous toxin which is not eradicated even with cooking.

We continue with the striped rabbit and the black rabbit; they are edible species, but special attention must be paid to their spine which is dangerous even after the death of the animal. They were seen in our country for the first time in 2003, and the second in 2015.

We conclude with the lionfish: a real danger not only for Italy, but for the whole world. It is said to have invaded much of the Atlantic coast. As with the previous ones, this species is also edible, but watch out for its thorns. They too are decidedly sharp.

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Pay special attention to the spines of these latter animals, as their sting is very painful even after death.

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