alarming situation in many regions

A situation that really worries all those who struggle in particular with mountain pastures.

A public fountain (Facebook)

During this period, as we know, much has been said about the problem of drought and the consequent scarcity of water. A problem that has actually affected various parts of the Bel Paese.

A situation that has caused concern, especially because in recent months the temperatures have been really very high and this has only worsened the current situation.

According to some sources, moreover, it seems that the snow reserves are really at the limit as far as the mountains of Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto are concerned.

All this, precisely, due to the low rainfall and an abnormal heat that has been recorded as decidedly high for the seasonal average.

For example, some data has also been reported regarding the Po and, in this regard, the largest Italian river has not benefited much from some recent storms.

In Valcamonica, as if that were not enough, first the lack of water was badly felt, then, due to the floods, several serious damages.

Experts therefore let us know that this situation can only be the effect of the so-called global warming at high altitudes.

Thus, this rather dramatic situation has even led certain administrations in certain localities to try to ration water or to do their best to deal with the problem in question, for example by closing public fountains.

The drama of mountainous areas

In any case, it is useless to hide that this is in all respects an emergency, especially considering the high altitudes.

Overview of Refuge Gonella (Instagram)

For example, the Refuge Gonella which, to be precise, is located on Mont Blanc, according to the most informed, would have already experienced great difficulties in mid-July.

It also caused it to close due to drought. But this is not the only case, in fact, there are other refuges that placed in the Alps and in the Apennines could anticipate the end of the season.

Moreover, we must not forget the difficult circumstance that all who struggle with mountain pastures have to face.

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In fact, what can be seen is that the cattle troughs are almost completely dry and the grass is definitely scorched by the sun.

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