Air conditioner, watch out for price increases: this is how you really save money

According to some estimates, there are now thousands of Italians who own an air conditioner. And the bill could be very high.

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The last few months, especially those who aren’t a big fan of the heat, certainly haven’t had a good time. Indeed, the high temperatures had already made themselves felt at the end of May.

The mercury column, therefore, had already kind of warned us that this season would not be very easy to manage, especially for those who would have to stay in urban centers.

And so it was, as we have seen, it was a very sultry month of July, only sometimes, interspersed, in certain regions of Italy, with a few brief thunderstorms.

So, probably, in this state, no one could help but cool off with the help of more or less technological gadgets that get back on track at this time of year.

We are, of course, talking about fans and air conditioners. Now, focusing on the latter, it is something that should be present in every house, or at least in those recently renovated.

In addition, well, the fact that for a few years now the abnormal heat, also mentioned before, has reached exceptional levels.

Of course, however, the refresh service is definitely not free. Indeed, you have to be careful, because if you keep the device in question permanently switched on, you can risk a very high bill.

How to get a cheaper bill?

According to estimates made by experts in the field, therefore, it seems that there are more than 20 million Italians who own an air conditioner.

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Also, we have to beware, because has established that this time there could be big increases, more than 80%, in truth. So, is there a way to save at least a little?

Well, yes there is, and we’d like to give you some helpful tips that might help you avoid a real sting. First of all, therefore, remember that setting temperatures that are too low will certainly not be good for your health or even for your dear wallet.

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So try, for example, not to put more than about eight degrees below the outside temperature. In addition, secondly, we suggest that you prefer an inverter type air conditioner, since it is able to slow down when it reaches the indicated temperature, and this will certainly decrease consumption.

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