after 2500 years a well restores a marine treasure

A return in time for the exceptional discovery. From the Bronze Age, pearls have been found preserved in Sardinian nuraghi.

Discovery (pixaby)

A discovery that made experts in the sector exult with joy. The find is dated between the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. A discovery that caused an uproar precisely because of the singularity of the circumstance. In fact, the protagonists are the Sardinian nuraghi.

The beautiful Italian island is an annual tourist destination. The crystal clear sea and white sand are the setting for enchanting resorts. Crowds of vacationers settle in the beautiful pearl of the Mediterranean famous all over the world. Sardinia is a magical land.

Good food, clean air and a record of the oldest cases in the world. Pastoralism is still a well-preserved tradition today. The habits and customs have not completely given way to modernity. Here, it is still possible to come face to face with the true craftsmen of yesteryear.

Unprecedented discovery, various beads of different colors found in Sardinian nuraghi

A characteristic construction of the island are the Nuraghi. It is a tower structure scattered throughout the Sardinian territory. The material is composed of stones and the dating goes back to around the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. They were built for shelter and had more parts.

History tells us that at the time more than 10,000 Nuraghi were built today instead of only 7,000 being preserved. They are part of Unesco and are untouchable. An improbable discovery was made from one of these houses, precisely in the well placed in front of the monument.

The researchers unearthed 160 beads of different colors that belonged to the prehistoric age. Everything bears the signature of the old millennia and still does not believe in loot. They were placed at the entrance of the building on which readings were taken. Located just below the eyes.

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The discovery was made in the village of Sos Muros in Buddusò in the province of Sassari. Pearls range from shades of blue to green to yellow. They were placed in a well and the domus was to be venerated as a temple. The stones were perhaps given as an offering for the sacrifice of the gods.

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