African heat, alert in these cities

During this period there was certainly extreme heat which has not given us any respite yet. Let’s find out what the weather is telling us for today.

Thermometer (Facebook)

At that time, as we realized, the column of mercury marked very high temperatures that inevitably made us gasp.

In particular, especially all those who are in urban centers, have necessarily suffered more from this abnormal heat wave than from the end of May, we can say that it has not given us any respite yet.

In fact, the so-called African heat raged somewhat indiscriminately in all Italian regions, with the rare exception of short thunderstorms in the northern regions.

But what will happen today and also in the near future? Experts let us know that something might finally change. So let’s see, in more detail, what are the forecasts that meteorologists indicate.

So let’s start from Sunday July 24 which, apparently, will still be a day characterized by the subtropical air mass. In addition, even during the night it will not be cold because the minimums could be around 20 degrees.

Thus, this condition can certainly do nothing but exacerbate the problem of water emergency and drought which is much debated at this time.

In short, if it can cheer you up, from the middle of next week there could be a weakening of the African anticyclone and even strong gusts of wind could occur with a relative drop in temperatures.

Other weather forecasts: what will happen in Italy in the next few hours?

But what exactly will happen tomorrow, July 24? It would therefore seem that we will still have to suffer from intense heat, given that the climate will be somewhat sunny in all parts of Italy.

Northern Apennines (Facebook)

Although, if you want to watch, it is believed that there could even be showers over the northern Apennines. However, the heat can be defined as absolutely always intense given that the average will be between 35 and 40 degrees, as has happened so far.

Of course, where you can stay a little better is near the coast, as sea breezes can lessen the heat. Instead, regarding Tuesday, July 26, according to accredited sources, it looks like clouds will arrive in the afternoon.

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In particular therefore, especially on the northern reliefs, it is not yet excluded that there will be no showers, especially on the Piedmontese and Lombardy plains.

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