a precious treasure was found on the seabed

Extraordinary discovery of underwater archaeology: a precious treasure dating back more than three centuries has been found on the seabed. The details.

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Archeology is a science that studies civilizations, their past, those that have been the relationship with the environment, uses and customs. There is a particular branch of this discipline which is underwater archeology which deals with investigating the waters, wrecks, seabed.

The immense world cultural heritage, in fact, is not only found on the surface, but also on the seabed. Underwater archaeologists are concerned with recovering ancient objects, now submerged, and therefore giving them a historical context.

Another task of the scientist, once the treasure has been recovered and secured, is to protect it with the aim of enhancing the cultural heritage. And that’s exactly what the team of American experts wants about their surprising discovery.

In the Bahamas, a precious hidden treasure emerges from the seabed. what a find

The news comes straight from the Bahamas and sees the sensational recovery of sunken treasure – belonging to a Spanish galleon – from the seabed more than three centuries ago.

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In recent weeks, important archaeological discoveries have been recorded. When we hear about treasures hidden at the bottom of the sea, we must admit that the thought takes us into the world of pirates. The team of American scientists has resuscitated the spoils of a Spanish galleon sunk 350 years ago.

The expedition was not particularly easy, although the location of the wreckage was clear. The galleon in question bears the name of Nuestra SeƱora de las Maravillas and part of its recovery has taken place over the years. Substantial artifacts have been recovered which have helped reconstruct the lives of those who lived in the sea.

Precious jewelry such as a Santiago cross, gold necklaces, and precious stones such as amethysts and emeralds were found. But that’s not all: we also have a very old sword and some kitchen utensils. All this adds to the already extensive collection on display in the museum, consisting of a very large number of pieces.

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The Spanish galleon was wrecked in 1656 after colliding with another ship. Today, her remains are housed in the Bahaman Maritime Museum.

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