A mysterious marine animal invades Italian waters: the observation

The Portuguese caravel sails in Italian waters, the risks are to be taken into consideration. Better to stay away as much as possible.

Portuguese caravel (pixabay)

It is now an invasion of everything in the Bel Paese. Now the Portuguese caravel has arrived to plague the boot seas. Extreme heat is their natural habitat and the waters are also superheated. Record temperatures are expected these days.

It’s time for vacations and departures. It’s the highlight for many vacationers who can’t wait to get to their beach destinations. The idea of ​​relaxation and refreshment constantly swarms in their heads. For those who are lucky enough to go on vacation, they may be faced with unpleasant surprises.

It goes without saying that the high prices do not allow who knows what movements. The favorite places are however not too far from the residence. Luckily, Italy is a peninsula and the sea is accessible from any part of the regions wherever they are.

The Portuguese caravel “sailed” to the Mediterranean. Beware of the danger of burns.

In early spring, a series of deep South Africa highs followed. A heat storm encircled the peninsula. A handful of heat and sky-high temperatures created a scorching climate.

Portuguese caravel (pixabay)

It is no less true these days when the column is expected to even reach 40 degrees. A real hell after the handover of Hannibal and Charon. The ribs seem to be the only lifeline to breathe life into.

The Portuguese caravel is a type of jellyfish. It is so commonly called even though it really isn’t. It is similar in substance in being gelatinous and with stinging tentacles. It is a siphon because it has a multi-celled organism.

The name “Portuguese Caravelle” was born thanks to its very particular shape. In fact, the jellyfish seems to have a sail on its back that makes it look like a boat that sails like one of those caravels that leave Portugal for discovery.

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Just this tent allows him to move and float in the seas on the surface. It has a pocket that contains a gas and comes in several colors. It is a living being that arouses wonder and amazement by observing it. But be careful not to approach it or want to take it with your hands.

It has spiny tentacles that can cause severe skin irritation.

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