a disruption could surprise everyone

The weather insists on putting us under a scorching sun. Soon there could be a phenomenon that will make vacationers’ heads spin.

Weather (pixaby)

For a few months we have become accustomed to the fate of a weather that puts a strain on our fibre. Hot, hot and still hot. There is no respite on the horizon. High temperatures and anticyclone perpetually reinforced by the wave of the moment.

An unbreathable situation in every way. We still hope to see another trend, but meteorologists are sulking. At least until a few days ago, he always seemed to hear the usual response. This may not be the case now.

Connoisseurs would have noticed differences in atmosphere and it is likely that a truce will come to forgive us. We can’t stand all this heat and humidity that has been raging since the arrival of spring. The heat exploded like a bomb and stayed fixed.

Weather in the spotlight, strange clouds on the horizon. A respite from the scorching heat planned?

Finally the days of March had arrived and with them the idea of ​​a sparkling spring. The season had arrived on time but had also brought with it the South African High. Boiling heat and the column of degrees soaring. Drought in the countryside and danger for crops.

Weather (pixaby)

Caronte, Hannibal bathed the Italian peninsula by investing it with high temperatures. In some cities it was close to 40 degrees. Sirens and glacier in full force. There was no shortage of heat exhaustion, especially for older people. Ice cream to go to remedy the heat.

This weekend, a disturbance may be on the way that will relieve us a little. That would be everyone’s hope. In the past, very close to mid-August, we were used to the thunderstorm. Normalcy for a period dating back to the 1980s

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From next week the air should stabilize at a lower temperature. The anticyclone will experience a crisis and weaken. It is likely that there will be a drop of up to 10 degrees across the entire peninsula. A little breath at last. Tourists of the time will have to accept the inconvenience of a few days.

Not all news is happy. There can be storms on the coasts and hail in the hinterland. Never a bit of peace in this 2022.

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