a deposit of 400 euros if you do not respect this rule

You have to worry about not doing a particular thing, because it could cost you a lot of money.

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At this time of the year there are often many tourists who travel the Italian roads to reach beautiful places by the sea or in the mountains.

In short, it’s definitely vacation time and there are those who prefer public transport and those who prefer their own for various reasons. Anyway, when using our vehicle it is good to pay attention to some things.

In fact, this is especially true when you have to cover many miles. For example, you must ensure that you are in excellent health and rested so as not to compromise the safety of passengers and that of other motorists.

Then, of course, there are other precautions that are not the case here to be explored, like, if you want to say one, making sure the tires have the correct inflation pressure and that there is has a sufficient amount of oil.

But anyway, according to the law, there is also something else that more than doing, must not be done. Indeed, much is said about the pollution caused by combustion cars and, precisely for this reason, they could soon be replaced by electric cars.

The planned date, as announced recently, should be 2035, provided that this decision is not changed in the meantime.

In the meantime, however, we should try to do everything we can to limit the damage and not worsen a situation which is already worrying enough anyway.

Here’s what you should avoid doing

For this reason, you should know that it is currently forbidden to leave the air conditioning on when you are resting.

A police officer issuing a fine (Facebook)

If, as you should have done, you have studied all the information in the driving manual, this term should not be confused with two others.

In particular, art. 157 of the Highway Code informs us that the interruption of the march takes place, therefore, when you are stopped at a traffic light or in a queue, and the stop, on the other hand, is when a temporary stop is made to allow the ascent and descent of a person in the vehicle.

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But when does this ban take effect? Well, be careful, because if you break it, you could receive a hefty fine of over 400 euros. Well, you don’t have to leave the air conditioning on when you’re parked, that is, when you turn off the engine, park and leave the vehicle for a long time.

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