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Arcadia Sherpa is the true king of the seven seas: a 5-star yacht, equipped with every type of comfort. Let’s find out more.

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How many have dreamed of owning a yacht or at least getting on it at least once? It is undoubtedly a luxury that not everyone can afford, because the most modern ones are equipped with extraordinary comfort. It is difficult to say that you are at sea and not on land.

Just a few days ago our peninsula and in particular southern Italy saw one of the last jewels of the famous Arcadia company at sea. A masterpiece to leave you speechless. Luxury from stern to bow and comfort everywhere. But let’s find out its characteristics.

Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL: a dream yacht. Top-to-bottom luxury. To lose your mind

Campania is the protagonist of the new launch of the Sherpa 80 XL, Arcadia’s new masterpiece. Its beauty has captivated all of Capri, Ischia and Procida.

What are the changes compared to previous models? Let’s start with the number of cabins, which has increased from three to five. Inside you will notice substantial changes that see a redistribution of spaces and a completely different organization. But that’s not all, because they are equipped with a sky lounge.

The surprises don’t end there, as the new boat has also been designed to enjoy the wonders of the sea in the middle of winter. What does it mean? Installed so-called winter garden. This allows you to heat the living space of the yacht and enjoy all the comforts.

What about the impact on the environment? We are in the presence of a guarantee also with regard to this aspect. Renewable energy is used to minimize waste. The boat is equipped, in fact, with solar panels which allow the use of clean energy.

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In short, nothing is really missing. A jewel that already seduces more than one. Who knows how many we’ll see next summer.

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