A 5-meter python walks into a couple’s house. Woman in shock

Snake alarm: shocking news to say the least. A 5-meter python walks into a couple’s house. Woman in shock.

A green python (Image from Pixabay)

Although they are not poisonous snakes, pythons cause some anxiety to the eye. They are reptiles belonging to the Python family that are usually only found in certain parts of the world like Africa and Asia.

In the wild, there are several different species, but they all share length. These crawling animals indeed reach very large dimensions. Want to know how much? About 9 or 10 meters.

Not to mention the weight. We are talking about more than 100 kilograms. We said he’s not poisonous, but his grip is deadly. They press their prey until it loses consciousness. Where are they hiding? Tend to be among the trees.

Alarm Python: A 5-meter specimen peeks into a couple’s home. Both were left speechless to say the least

As we said before, pythons tend to hide mostly in trees. But not always. Let’s find out what happened in England.

Green Tree Python (Photo from Pixabay)

A movie scene, but unfortunately it’s real life. A young couple from Hampshire, England received a completely unexpected visit to their home. Alerted by one of their neighbors, they discover that a python more than 5 meters long has sneaked into their room.

To raise the alarm, it was the lady who went to her room and realized what was happening. She quickly called her husband who found it hard to believe her. After some research, it turned out that the crawling animal belongs to a neighbor.

Escaped from its reliquary, the python began to circle the building seeking refuge in the most unthinkable places. The couple was visibly tested by what happened and in particular the woman reported a violent shock. I called my husband and he said I was crazy – she said.

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The two rightly feared the worst, thinking the python could attack them at any moment.

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