350,000-year-old human traces found in Italian cave

Sensational archaeological study. Human traces dating back 350,000 years have been discovered in an Italian cave. Research details.

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In recent weeks, very important archaeological discoveries have been recorded both in Italy and in the rest of the world. Today we want to address our country again and highlight how much wonder there is hidden deep within.

Thanks to a very careful study by an archaeological team, it was possible to ascertain the presence of very important human traces inside a famous cave in Puglia. The news stunned researchers who hadn’t expected something like this.

In fact, we are in the presence of an extraordinary discovery that completely upsets the history of the colony and the beliefs of scientists about the period to which it dates back. Let’s get to the heart of the news.

Puglia, Cave of Romanelli: the presence of human traces prior to Neanderthals has been found

Let’s find out more about the Cave of Romanelli: it is a natural habitat and was first discovered in 1900. According to numerous researches, the site in question was home to Paleolithic people.

As we have just mentioned, it is a very important archaeological site dating back to the early 1900s. It was only then that the presence of man within it was taken for granted. In fact, stone tools and three skeletons were found inside.

This theory has recently been questioned, since thanks to the careful work carried out by some Italian universities, it has been concluded that the human traces in the cave are much older than what has been established.

The presence of micro-fossils and some limestone deposits made it possible to date the human presence to about 350 thousand years and not 125 thousand as has always been claimed. This new scenario indeed reinforces the idea that the cave was inhabited by Neanderthals.

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Research is continuing and attempts will also be made to dig deeper in hopes of finding further signs of human passage inside the cave.

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