30 thousand euros and the conditions to get there

Bonuses to the program. The desire for a safe place through government assistance. The process of access to subsistence.

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When the government talks about bonuses, ears perk up. It’s always good to hear how involved the opportunities thrown by parliamentarians are. This is by no means a good time for the Italian economy. Taxpayers faced hardships that strained families’ livelihoods.

The ongoing crisis in Eastern Europe has generated a domino consequence, triggering many negative situations. Rising fuel prices have brought connections for the supply of goods to the rest of Europe to their knees. A real low blow for the routes to be covered by the vehicles assigned to work.

Everything has been increased in price to compensate for this surplus decided by the head of the Kremlin. Since the return of spring, Italy has been subjected to a series of highs coming from the African desert. Torrid heat, crazy temperatures and Italy in the grip of an abnormal heat wave.

Premium first choice, the dream of home can have certainty

Drought and dry riverbeds ensued. An apocalyptic scenario. Today the government is announcing a housing bonus for those who intend to buy a house. Of course, all that glitters is not gold, you must comply with certain conditions.

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First of all, you must not be over 40 years old and the ISEE must be less than 50,000 euros. This is a substantial aid but only for those who move to one of the 121 municipalities of Emilia-Romagna. These are villages that are depopulated and applications can begin from October 12.

The residence is neither resold nor rented, it must be owned for at least 5 years. An initiative that has stunned public opinion but which can be a contribution especially for those who want to start a family. The necessary condition is the transfer and not having other assets in the name.

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Those interested can already take the appropriate documentation. The platform is online and was created by the Emilia-Romagna region. Simply log in and carefully follow all the registration steps. Above all convinced of the process to be taken for a new life outside the residential area.

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