113 million year old dinosaur footprints emerge. Beyond belief

Breathtaking World Discoveries: Dinosaur footprints emerge from 113 million years ago. The state of conservation is perfect. Beyond belief.

Group of dinosaurs (Image from Pixabay)

Before diving into the heart of the news, let’s try to understand something more about the discipline that deals with the study of dinosaurs. We are talking about paleontology which literally means the study of ancient beings.

In fact, he is interested in analyzing all the species that have lived on planet Earth, focusing their research on birth, evolution and mainly on what led to extinction.

The task of the paleontologist is to circumscribe the phenomena of the past, by reconstructing their causes. Formulate hypotheses, check them and confirm them only later. This is how the studies that we have to date were born.

Texas, footprints of a dinosaur that lived more than 113 million years ago emerge due to drought

Many discoveries have taken place in this first part of 2022. Many, however, have been linked to a worrying phenomenon: drought. If on the one hand it has made it possible to bring out precious treasures, on the other hand we must not forget the extent of the problem.

Going back to the discovery, some dinosaur footprints that lived around 113 million years ago emerged in Texas – precisely because of the drought. Traces of the dangerous prehistoric animal have appeared in Dinosaur Valley State Park – and yes, it’s a coincidence!

After a very first analysis by the researchers, it appears that it is a biped, probably an Acrocanthosaurus from the Cretaceous. Its name literally means high-spined lizard and it lived mainly in present-day North America.

It was one of the most formidable predators and was able to eat very large dinosaurs: sauropods and ornithopods stand out among its favorites. Its dimensions are about 5 meters for a weight of more than 6 tons. In short, not really small.

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Great astonishment on the part of the scholars of the park who will continue their mission of safeguarding and protecting these traces. Not only for present generations, but also for future generations – these are the words of the spokesperson and director of the establishment, Stephanie Salinas Garcia.

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