Sorry, Trevor Noah, Killing Babies Doesn’t Cure Zika

If you waste your time watching The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, you may have heard this “brilliant” analogy from him last night during a tirade over the fight to combat the Zika virus:

“I don’t understand how any man thinks that he has the right to dictate to a woman what they should do with their bodies. Imagine if black people were the only ones to decide if white people were allowed to wear sunscreen. Imagine if that was the rule. It wouldn’t make sense. People would be like, ‘What do black people even know about getting sunburned?’ Black people are like ‘Look, yo, yo, I hear what you saying, B, I hear what you saying. All I know is, I’m pro melanin. That’s all I’m saying, I’m pro melanin.”

Trevor, buddy, if you wanna go with a race comparison, let’s talk about how the language and reasoning behind abortion laws reflects that of slavery laws. You can check that out here, which might help you add “reading” next to your talent of drawing some cheap laughs with imitation insight. 

Trevor Noah, host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”
Regardless, here’s what Noah (and others) are missing: the Democratic party, Planned Parenthood, and their partners in the abortion industry have three problems when speaking to their pro-life counterparts. 1.) They do not acknowledge the life of the child, only the life and choices of the mother. The pro-life side seeks to remind people that choosing life allows all possible choices, and respects both the life of the child and the life of the mother.
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