Pro-Black, Pro-Police Reforms that Conservatives Should Get Behind

I’m pro–Second Amendment. I’m pro–law enforcement. And I’m pro-black. After the deaths of two black men at the hands of police last week, and the subsequent spate of deadly ambushes on police officers in at least four states (including a non-fatal ambush less than a mile from my home), far too many extremists on the left and right have acted as if these are opposing positions. They have seized on the violence to fan the flames of resentment.

The far Left tells people like me that in order to be pro-black, we need to support gun control and be wary of praising law enforcement. The far Right tells people like me that in order to be pro–law enforcement, we need to condemn Black Lives Matter and President Obama, and avoid criticizing police misconduct.

Neither path will stop the madness.

To heal America’s racial wounds, ease the escalating tensions, and end the violence, conservatives must lead the way on reforms that are both pro-black and pro–law enforcement, and do not entail curbing Second Amendment rights. These are reforms that have been promoted by many conservative intellectuals and elected officials, and should garner bipartisan support. There are no panaceas for the evil that runs through the human heart, but there are positive steps still to be taken:

1. End for-profit policing and reform civil-asset forfeiture


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Cruz: Do You Trust Trump to Appoint the Next Supreme Court Justice?

As we move to our nation’s date with destiny — to Trump or not to Trump — Ted Cruz is using the life issue to make the case that Donald Trump can’t be trusted to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, a champion for life, marriage, religious liberty — and that pesky Second Amendment:

Trump is upset that Cruz called Trump’s sister a “radical pro-abortion extremist” judge and seems unaware that she struck down a partial-birth abortion bill in New Jersey, really not long after he said on national TV that he would not ban partial-birth abortion because he was (then) totally pro-choice.

Meanwhile, the media in the person of CNN’s Erin Burnett continues its trope that being pro-life is a political problem for Republicans, asking John Kasich if he’s willing to lose the election by signing a bill defunding Planned Parenthood in Ohio. (Yes he is, apparently, except that defunding Planned Parenthood is not as unpopular as CNN thinks.)

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After Justice Scalia’s Passing, Republicans Need a Unified Message

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Republicans have a winning message on the replacement of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and all the candidates need to get on board.

It’s a two part message. Let the people decide in November, because President Obama’s (or Hillary’s) appointee would radicalize the country.

The Senate is exercising its constitutional duty to withhold consent by holding no hearings or votes, so that it can preserve the people’s right to vote on the court’s direction this November.

And what they are voting on is a specific set of issues: a court that would impose partial-birth abortion, delete the Second Amendment, and rubber stamp Democratic presidents’ executive orders if Justice Scalia is replaced by a liberal.

Democrats think they can make this a winning message for them by highlighting Republican obstructionism. They are right — if Republicans stray from their message.

But if Republicans go on offense, it is a loser for Democrats in the fall. The Senate is doing what the people elected them to do in 2014 — put a check on President Obama’s radical executive excesses and protect the people’s right to decide on any transformative changes. It’s no longer hypothetical what those changes are: because Scalia could represent the Court’s swing vote, we might as well write on the November ballot alongside the Democrats’ names, partial-birth abortion, gun confiscation, and lawless Democratic executive orders thwarting the people’s representatives.

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Left-Leaning Group Hammers Christie on Abortion, Guns

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Not even a day after Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) referred to pro-life activists as “divisive” in an apparent shift left, a Democrat-leaning group has begun running social media ads hitting him on his stances on gun rights and abortion.

The ads, produced for the group American Bridge 21st Century on Facebook and Twitter, begin with Christie telling a detractor to “sit down and shut up” and highlight Christie’s record of vetoing legislation restricting citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights. They also bring up his decision to cut off state funding for Planned Parenthood.

These attacks come at a time when Christie is facing heightened criticism from his constituents in New Jersey. His less than stellar response to severe coastal flooding in battered Jersey Shore towns has drawn the ire of Republicans and Democrats across the area. When asked by a student at a New Hampshire town hall why he was campaigning and not in his home state helping to deal with the flooding, he (incorrectly) responded that only one county was affected by the flooding and asked the young woman if she would like him to “go down there with a mop.”

Christie, who is hinging his presidential hopes on New Hampshire, is averaging 7.3 percent in polls in the Granite State.

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Dear Pres. Obama: What About an Empty Seat for the 53 Million Aborted Children Since Roe?

President Barack Obama (photo credit: Daniel Borman via Flickr, CC BY 2.0)

President Barack Obama will deliver his last State of the Union Address tonight. That’s something we can applaud. The Obama era is coming to an end!

Obama is expected to trumpet the “progress” his administration has made over the past seven years. In keeping with modern tradition, the White House has invited several guests who are emblematic of that progress to sit with the first lady during the address.

Among those selected for this honor are advocates of Obamacare, the president’s immigration amnesty policies and same-sex marriage.

But the president has added a special, symbolic twist to this year’s address. There will be an empty seat in the first lady’s box representing “the victims of gun violence who no longer have a voice.”

Perhaps President Obama’s empty seat will inaugurate a new tradition, one that opens a number of possibilities for the next conservative president. For example:

How about an empty seat representing all the babies lost to the violence of abortion who never had a voice?

How about an empty seat for men and women of faith and religious business owners who are rapidly losing the right to voice an opinion in America?

How about an empty seat for police officers killed in the line of duty?

How about empty seat representing the allies around the world that we used to have?

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Will Pro-Gun Dems Help Sanders Take New Hampshire?

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) (photo credit: Michael Vadon via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0)

The latest CBS News poll shows Bernie Sanders breathing down Hillary Clinton’s neck in Iowa, 45 percent to 50 percent, respectively. But in New Hampshire? Sanders swamps Hillary, 56 percent to 42 percent.

Why isn’t this big news? I don’t know. It appears the Democratic establishment and the media establishment are as suspicious of their outsider candidate as the Washington GOP establishment is of Trump.

Hillary’s been pounding Sanders on his NRA endorsement for Senate. I wonder if pro-gun Democrats in the New Hampshire forests are flocking to Sanders in response?

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Another Fake Carson Scandal: Be a Hero and Fight an Attacker

Dr. Ben Carson (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Dr. Ben Carson is in deep trouble according to the media mavens. Did they discover his missing emails containing classified material? Was he caught trying to get the IRS to audit his political enemies? Did he threaten, if elected president, to use executive orders to ram through his agenda?

No, Carson’s “scandal” is bigger than any of those.

Asked on Fox News what he would have done if he was in a situation similar to what students faced at Umpqua Community College (UCC) in Oregon, Carson said, “I would not just stand there and let him shoot me. I would say, ‘Hey guys, everybody attack him!’ He may shoot me, but he can’t get us all.”

Left-wing reaction was immediate. “Outrageous!” “Unacceptable!” MSNBC commentators translated Carson’s observation as being critical of the dead students for being too passive. Of course, Dr. Carson meant no such thing.

He suggested that he would have led a counterattack against the murderer. You know — like Todd Beamer and the other passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 on 9/11, who saved our country from even more death.

Or like what Chris Mintz did at the community college where he charged the shooter and was shot multiple times. Or what the three young Americans, including Alek Skarlatos who attends UCC, did on a Paris train when a jihadist attempted yet another massacre of infidels.

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Huckabee Calls Out Obama for Ignoring Christian Massacre, Blames Media

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

In the wake of the Umpqua Community College shooting, which resulted in the injury and death of 19 people including the shooter, President Obama came before the media to condemn mass shootings on a national scale:

Somehow this has become routine. The reporting is routine. My response here at this podium ends up being routine. The conversation in the aftermath of it. We’ve become numb to this.

He also spoke on the history of mass shootings in our country and gun laws and even made a call to politicize these shootings so that we might prevent them.

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee went on the Steve Malzberg Show last week to respond to the President’s statement. According to Huckabee, President Obama completely, blatantly and intentionally missed the opportunity to discuss the issue of religion:

The president always wants to be defensive and tell us that there’s no such thing as Islamic terrorism, these aren’t religious people even though we all know they are but when it seems the target is a Christian, he conveniently just ignores it, denies it or just moves on to something else. It is incredibly significant that there was a religious intent and motive in this shooter’s attitude.

Instead, he focused on gun laws which Governor Huckabee, along with most Republican politicians, does not believe will solve the nationwide problem:

Every time he has this proposal, it’s always about tackling a problem that doesn’t exist and not dealing with the real problem.

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Abortion, Immigration Take Front Seat in New Poll

Photo credit: Tom Arthur via Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

A new CNN/ORC poll looked at voters’ views on immigration, gun rights and abortion, and the results are surprising:  The number of voters naming these issues as important has soared since 2011:

In June 2011, 22% of voters called gun policy an “extremely important” issue in their vote for president, that’s risen 20 points since to 42%. Likewise, 29% called illegal immigration a top issue in June 2011, that’s up 10 points to 39%, while the share calling abortion an extremely important issue is up 7 points to 27%. Here’s a look at where the public stands on each.

Here’s a closer look at how voters view these issues heading into the 2016 elections:

Abortion: Don’t want shutdown, but want major abortion restrictions

When asked about whether it was more important to avoid a government shutdown or defund Planned Parenthood, 71 percent of voters want to keep the government open.  In another question, though, CNN showed heavy support for abortion restrictions, with 58 percent saying it should be legal in “only a few circumstances” or “not at all.”  This is versus just 39 percent for the “any or most” circumstances crowd.

Immigration: Support legal status, but build a fence

When asked about their top priority for immigration reform, voters gave the edge to developing a legal status plan to those already here (46 percent) over developing a plan to stop future illegal entries (39 percent).  Fifty percent, however, said securing the border should be the second most important priority.   Continue Reading