Iowa Religious Liberty Victims Endorse Cruz, While Rick Warren Denies Endorsing Rubio

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Betty and Dick Odgaard are a Mennonite Christian couple who rescued a church that was going to be torn down and turned it into an art gallery and cafe while also using the sanctuary several times a year to host weddings. It was their dream and their livelihood, but after gay marriage became legal in the state, the Iowa government told the Odgaards they must host gay wedding or face punishing fines. The Odgaards refused to submit without a fight.

And yesterday, in a letter to The Des Moines Register, they endorsed Ted Cruz for President:

“Our first meeting with Sen. Ted Cruz was in late April 2015, when he contacted us regarding the challenges we were facing regarding our religious liberties (Odgaard v. Iowa). Within eight weeks of that first meeting, both Sen. Cruz and his father, Rafael Cruz, had visited the Görtz Haus Gallery in Grimes on separate occasions. Both eloquently expressed their concerns regarding the erosion of religious liberties for all people. Senator Cruz views the imposition of any government to force people (and their business) to participate in an activity that contrary to their conscience (and business principles) as unfair and unconstitutional. It became clear to us that Sen. Cruz understands the problem and knows how it can be corrected, while showing respect to all,” Mr. and Mrs. Odgaard wrote.

“Senator Cruz is well grounded and definitely has is his [sic] priorities in order. With his knowledge and wisdom, along with his demand for the truth and deep love for the Lord, he will make a fantastic world leader,” they concluded. Continue Reading