Hillary Refuses to Defend Megyn Kelly, Goes After Rubio

Hillary Clinton, self proclaimed Champion of Women’s Rights, seemed more interested in attacking her Republican rival Marco Rubio than defending Kelly in a Q&A session on Monday.  In total, she devoted about one and a half sentences to Kelly, spending the rest of her diatribe on the GOP’s “war on women”:

It was offensive. I said it was outrageous; I stand by that. I think more people should say the same; they should be going after him. The Republican Party is going to have to deal with him.  But I just want to remind us that what they say about women, not one woman who is perfectly capable and incredibly impressive, able to take care of herself, but all these women that I have fought for, worked for, stood up for, advocated for, and want to be a president for, who may not have the opportunity to defend themselves — who may lose the right to exercise a personal choice if certain Republicans were to be successful — I don’t want that forgotten. So yes, I know it makes great TV, I think [Trump] went way overboard — offensive, outrageous, pick your adjective.

But what Marco Rubio said has as much of an impact in terms of where the Republican Party is today as anybody else on that stage, and it is deeply troubling. And it should be to the press, not just to those of us who have been doing this work for so long.

Rubio didn’t take the attack lying down.  Continue Reading

Donald Trump Needs to Learn How to Say “I’m Sorry”

I just googled “Donald Trump apologize.” I went ten pages deep. I couldn’t find a single example of Donald Trump ever saying he was sorry.

The guy just doesn’t apologize. Ever.

In July, Trump even admitted he had never apologized to God. “I’m not sure I have,” Trump told Frank Luntz in Iowa. “I don’t think so.”

Trump is the guy who bumps into you on the subway and says “excuse you” instead of “excuse me.”

Now Trump is running for President. That usually requires a few “I’m sorry”s from time to time. Perhaps he should start with Megyn Kelly.

In a CNN interview with Don Lemon, Trump went after Kelly for asking him aggressive questions in the debate Thursday night. Check out the video below:

“I just don’t respect her,” Trump said. “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her—wherever.

I’m sorry, what? What is that supposed to mean?

I really don’t care for political correctness. But what is Trump implying? Did he just make a menstruation joke? Did he slight Megyn Kelly for asking him tough questions by saying, essentially, it was because she was a woman?

Carly Fiorina said it best in a tweet last night.

It’s time for Donald Trump to say “I’m sorry” to Megyn Kelly. That’s what real men do when they screw up. They own it and apologize. And Mr. Continue Reading