The Media Ignores the Left’s Growing Violence

Photo credit: Edward Kimmel via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The “storm troopers” of the radical left have been busy in recent days.

In California, open borders radicals beat up and harassed conservative activists attempting to attend the state Republican convention. There were mob attacks on individuals, which, by the way, you won’t see on the network news.

Now that’s interesting. When a 78-year old Trump supporter punched a demonstrator, we’re shown that video over and over again as evidence of rising intolerance and “fascism” in America. But what happened in California has largely been ignored. The Mexican flags were ignored. The violence and profanity of the left was ignored.

Sunday was May Day, a socialist-communist holiday. Not surprisingly, given the left’s tendencies, it ended in violence. In Seattle, police officers were assaulted with rocks and Molotov cocktails. Nine people were arrested.

FBI agents arrested a South Florida man Friday evening for plotting to fire bomb a synagogue. One press report suggested the man may be a Muslim convert.

Meanwhile, as anti-Semitic violence is reaching record-breaking levels in England, the left-wing Labour Party, led by an avowed socialist, just launched an inquiry into growing anti-Semitism within its own ranks.

And, of course, this doesn’t include the countless incidents of intimidation and harassment that take place each day on college campuses against conservative students and speakers.

In Germany, during the 1930s, Nazi thugs silenced anyone who dared to speak out against them. (By the way, the Nazis were socialists.) Today’s socialists are increasingly using violence in the same way to silence debate. Continue Reading

WaPo’s Ludicrous Claim: Trump’s Music Incites Violence

Donald Trump (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

I really can’t believe The Washington Post published this piece, “Authoritarian Hold Music: How Trump’s Banal Playlist Cultivates Danger At His Rallies.”

What is Trump playing at these rallies?

Curated by Trump himself, the mix included three cuts from Elton John, five from the Rolling Stones, some Johnny Cash, some Creedence Clearwater Revival and Pavarotti belting Puccini.

But by playing music loudly (and urging his supporters not to hurt protesters but to surround them and chant Trump until security arrives to remove them), Trump is creating an authoritarian atmosphere that incites violence:

This is exactly how music is used most insidiously at Trump’s rallies.

These songs don’t pump people up. They make everyone feel comfortable — in their indignation, in their suspicion, in their hostility. The songs that Trump has chosen couldn’t be more banal, yet it’s precisely their banality that makes them so in­cred­ibly effective. They infuse the hateful atmosphere he cultivates with an air of utter normalcy.

The Left believes it can just make up any old stuff and have it stick. We’ve seen this before when the mainstream media tried to portray the Tea Party rallies as incipiently scary.

Yes, Trump should be more careful with his words, but his rallies are not violent, although the protesters in Chicago were attacking police.

Oh, and a memo to WaPo editors — if you are going to create a highly edited video of alleged Trump violence, don’t include Secret Service restraining a photographer who got too close as an example of violence. Continue Reading

Pro-Life Demonstration on College Campus Meets with Severe Backlash

GW YAF’s pro-life display (photo credit: Stephen Brown)

The George Washington University chapter of Young America’s Foundation (a conservative student group) hosted a pro-life memorial yesterday, called the Cemetery of the Innocents. According to the student group’s Facebook Page, the event’s “purpose is to raise awareness of abortion and encourage a civil and open dialogue.”

Some on campus didn’t take too kindly to this.

Almost immediately after setting up the display at 7 a.m., protesters of the event began showing up. Then the university police was dispatched.

Officers from the GW University Police Department came and questioned the pro-life students, demanding they show proof that they had permission to set up the display. The entire event had already been pre-approved by the University.

GW YAF President Tory McClintock had this to say:

We wanted to commemorate the lives lost to abortion every year and raise awareness about how harmful abortion is to women and children.

When asked how the event was being received, McClintock said the group faced a lot of backlash.

Protesters had pro-abortion signage and were toting items such as coat hangers around the pro-life display. When asked, every single pro-abortion protester declined to comment.

Stephen Brown works for the American Principles Project. Continue Reading

The Media ‘Forgot’ To Report Something Really Important From Iowa

Hey, uh, mainstream media folks? You forgot to mention something in your coverage Monday night.

Ted Cruz is the first Hispanic-American to ever win the Iowa Caucus. And not only that, he is the first Hispanic-American to win any presidential primary – for any party – ever. And it was the religious right that pushed him to victory.

51 percent of Iowa caucus-goers – some of the whitest voters in the country – voted for Latino candidates. Cruz received 28 percent of the vote, while Marco Rubio placed third with 23 percent.

Three of the top four finishing Republican candidates were minorities – Dr. Ben Carson placed 4th with 9 percent of the vote.

And again, I can’t emphasize this enough – Iowa is white. Like, really, really white.

This is a big story. One might even call it “yuge.”

But the mainstream media generally remained silent. Outside scant mentions at Fox News Latino and NBC News, the historic nature of Cruz’s victory was glossed over. Instead of reporting on the importance of Cruz’s victory – to Hispanics, to the Republican Party, and to the country as a whole – the media focused instead on white people – namely, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.


Read the full article at The Daily Caller.

Terry Schilling is the executive director of American Principles Project. Continue Reading

Dershowitz on the Left’s Intimidation Tactics to Pro-Israel and Christian Speakers

Photo credit: Jennifer Moo via Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Now that Barack Obama has delivered his last State of the Union address, we can all enjoy waving goodbye to this far left president. But even after Obama is gone, the left will retain a firm grip on many U.S. institutions, including our institutions of higher learning.

On Fox & Friends yesterday morning, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, a liberal American Jew, commented about the growing intolerance of the left. Here’s what he said:

In fact, when I was first teaching in the ’50s there were attempts to censor speech by Senator McCarthy. The right-wing was trying to censor left-wing speech. Now it’s the hard left that’s trying to censor . . . conservative speech, Christian speech, pro-Israel speech, you name it.

And this idea of safe spaces, we have to distinguish between safe spaces for ideas, there should be none, and physically safe places where you’re not intimidated or you’re not threatened. And Christian speakers, pro-Israel speakers, speakers that are not politically correct today, have their physical safety endangered.

I know when I speak on college campuses in favor of Israel, I need armed guards protecting me from radical leftist students who would use physical intimidation. They won’t give me a safe space. They won’t give pro-Israel students a safe space, they won’t give Christian students a safe space.

For example, when a group of Christians who were against abortion said all lives matter . . . they were attacked. They were told to be subject to training, and sensitivity, and the president of Smith College had to apologize for using that term.

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Top Five Candidate Responses to the Planned Parenthood Shooting

Republicans have been partially blamed for the shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado on November 27th. Because of this, great attention has been given to the Republican candidates’ responses to the shooter and the atrocities that occurred on that day. Here are the top five:

1.) Ted Cruz has had to deal with the publicity that came from his response to the shooter’s crimes. He first responded on Twitter with the standard politically correct response:

This response was vague and stereotypically conservative: call for prayer, express sympathy for the hurt, and praise the brave. However, during a campaign visit in Iowa, while talking with a journalist about the reports concerning the shooter, he said, “Well, it’s also been reported that he was registered as an independent and a woman and transgendered leftist activist. If that’s what he is I don’t think it’s fair to blame on the rhetoric on the left.” The media took this as Cruz calling the shooter a transgendered leftist activist (N.B. The word “transgendered” is typically offensive to the LGBT community).

2.) Donald Trump always has a lot to say, and used this event as another opportunity to go on a politically charged tangent on “Meet the Press”: “I think it’s terrible. I mean, terrible. It’s more of the same. And I think it’s a terrible thing. Continue Reading

Cruz Calls Out Media for “Despicable” Coverage of Planned Parenthood Shooting

Senator Ted Cruz appeared on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show yesterday, where they discussed the recent shooting at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado and the political reaction to it.  You can listen to Cruz’s response and read the transcript from his appearance below:

HUGH HEWITT: Now let’s go to the very, very serious stuff. Jennifer Markovsky, Ke’Arre Stewart and Garrett Swasey, the last, a police officer, lost their lives in Colorado when that gunman killed them last week. On the CBS News write-up yesterday, though, of this, there is this paragraph. “On Sunday, Planned Parenthood said Dear’s,” that’s the killer’s, “words, matched the ‘hateful rhetoric’ GOP presidential candidates and many conservative leaders have been using since now-discredited, secretly-taped videos discussing the procurement of fetal body parts for medical research came out.” Now first of all, that’s CBS editorializing. And I don’t think these videos have been discredited in the least, do you, Senator?

TED CRUZ: Look, of course they haven’t, and that’s CBS behaving like the mainstream media always does, as liberal partisans. And indeed, it’s one of the most striking things that none of the major network news have been willing to even show the Planned Parenthood videos, which demonstrate senior Planned Parenthood officials being caught on tape apparently committing a pattern of ongoing felonies. But none of this is surprising. The media, just like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, are trying to politicize this tragic shooting. This man was a deranged, homicidal killer, and you and I are both un-apologetically prolife, and that means defending every human life, including the unborn, but also including the police officer and the civilians who lost their lives.

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The Left Has No Shame

Photo credit: Edward Kimmel via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

I join other pro-life leaders in condemning Friday’s shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The alleged shooter, Robert Lewis Dear, is being arraigned today and we may find out more about him and his motives then.

But everything we know so far indicates that Dear is a deeply disturbed man. He was a recluse. His neighbors avoided him. He had several run-ins with the law, including various charges ranging from domestic abuse to animal cruelty and invasion of privacy.

Nothing indicates that Dear was in any way, shape or form part of or inspired by the pro-life movement. Predictably, that hasn’t stopped voices on the left from attempting to exploit this shooting to smear the roughly one half of the country that believes abortion is, at its core, the taking of innocent human life.

Left-wing media outlets even went so far as to check Dear’s voter registration status. What does that have to do with anything? But, of course, you know the answer — the media were desperately hoping to find out if he was a Republican. It turns out he is a registered independent.

For the last seven years, many on the left have engaged in over-the-top, hateful rhetoric toward the police and then claimed that the assassinations of police officers that followed had nothing to do with their remarks. (A common chant at some Black Lives Matter demonstrations is “Pig in a blanket,” referring to a dead cop with a sheet over his body.)

This same left-wing crowd tells us that mosques around the world where imams preach that infidels must be killed have nothing to do with jihadists who are killing infidels. Continue Reading

The Viruses Infecting American Universities

Jesse Hall, University of Missouri

Many American universities have become hotbeds of political correctness, racial identification politics, anti-Americanism and, increasingly, anti-Semitism. At the University of Missouri, racial grievance politics is thriving.

On Monday the university’s system president and the chancellor of the flagship campus were forced to resign. For what? I’ve read two dozen articles about the “controversy” and in all honesty haven’t been able to identify anything either of them did wrong.

Some students have been complaining about an atmosphere on campus that’s hostile to black students. (Among the protestors is the student body president, who is black. Apparently, the atmosphere there is friendly enough toward black students for him to be elected student body president.)

A group of faculty members had been planning a walk out, and the football team had gone on strike, threatening not to play this Saturday’s game. One student went on a hunger strike and demanded that the officials resign or he would starve himself to death.

What are they so upset about? Racial slurs had been shouted at several black students on campus and a swastika drawn in feces was reportedly found in a dorm bathroom. Student government leaders were also angry at the school administration’s “silence” during and in the aftermath of the nearby Ferguson protests (which, you’ll remember, were based on the lie that Michael Brown was attacked by police officer Darren Wilson).

The racial slurs and swastika are obviously deplorable and appropriate action should be taken against anyone involved, but they’re hardly grounds for resignation by the school’s two top officials who obviously don’t condone such actions. Continue Reading

New Cruz Ad: When Liberal Media Attacks, Who Can You Trust to Fight Back?

Ted Cruz is following up his impressive debate performance with a new ad highlighting his applause-winning takedown of the CNBC moderators.  The ad, appropriately titled “When the Media Attacks, Ted Fights Back!”, reprises Cruz’s counterattack and the biased media questioning that led to it.  It also covers the overwhelming reaction to the moment from a focus group led by pollster Frank Luntz, who said the comment had the best reaction of any he’d seen since 1996.

You can watch the full ad below:

Nick Arnold is a researcher for the American Principles Project. Continue Reading