Trump Hurts Down Ballot Races

Donald Trump (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Back in March, I wrote about an ad that targeted U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) because of his support of Donald Trump should he become the nominee. His Democrat opponent, Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ), released an ad called “Trump” that linked McCain to Trump.

It was brutal, but these types of ads practically write themselves if Donald Trump is at the top of the ticket. I wrote:

[McCain] didn’t make an endorsement, he just said he would vote for Trump.

Imagine ads like this running against any politician who backs Trump or says they will vote for Trump.

I don’t feel bad for candidates who endorse or openly back Trump, they made their bed so now they have to lay in it, but I am concerned about collateral damage.

In reality Republican candidates don’t even have to support Trump. Democrats, I’m sure, will find ways to inject Trump into races by playing sound bytes of Trump saying outrageous things. The ads write themselves. All they have to do is ask, “does my opponent believe what Trump believes?” Candidates will constantly be on the defensive.

All we have to do is look at what Trump’s opponents already are going through. He says something outrageous and the press go to the other candidates to get their reaction. A candidate’s campaign should be about their experience, record, ideas and convictions, not the asinine things that come out of Trump’s mouth or from his Twitter account on an almost daily basis.

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Dr. Laura’s Donald Trump Smackdown

Photo credit: Joshua Pinho

As I was driving home from work yesterday I tuned in (as I often do) to the Dr. Laura show, which is now on Sirius XM.

Dr. Laura almost never mentions politics, but Donald Trump’s insult to John McCain drove her over the edge.  I don’t have the transcript, but this is what I heard.

She was responding in particular to Donald Trump’s claim that McCain is not a war hero because he was captured and spent years as a POW: “Anyone who volunteers for the military is a hero.  A hero, by definition, is someone who voluntarily puts themselves in harm’s way, in defense of another.”

As to Donald Trump’s doubling down and refusing to acknowledge his insult, Dr. Laura says its a character issue: “We all make silly flippant statements at times, you do, I do, we all do—but when we do we correct ourselves, we say ‘What I meant was. . .’  As a vet’s mom, what Donald Trump said is just too much for me.”

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John McCain Endorses Sen. Graham

Sen. Lindsey Graham (photo credit: Kai Mörk, CC BY 3.0 DE)

Scott Conroy at RCP is one the first to take the Lindsey Graham campaign seriously. Running as a McCain Republican, with a strong emphasis on hawkish foreign policy, Graham sees himself as able to come off a win in New Hampshire with a second win in South Carolina and emerge from the pack. (Even though only 34 percent of South Carolina Republicans say they want him to run for president.)

Conroy writes:

Graham may be a lifelong bachelor, but he has an ironclad political partner in McCain.

“I formally endorse him,” McCain told reporters shortly after Graham launched his exploratory committee. “He has my all-out complete support. That’s not just friendship. It’s got to do with national security and what I believe are grave threats to this nation.”

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