Top Five States to Watch Tonight

From left: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

With just a few hours now separating us from the first election results, here are the five states I’m watching most closely tonight:

1.) North Carolina

Obviously, North Carolina is a key swing state in the presidential race, which is likely to be very close, but I’m even more interested in the results of the gubernatorial race between Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and Democrat Roy Cooper.

We’ve been talking about this race for months. McCrory has been under fire from a coalition of radical progressives, corporate bullies, and special interests for his support for HB 2, a bill that stopped an effort in Charlotte to redefine gender and give grown men the right to shower and access changing areas with young girls in public facilities.

The fate of HB 2 — and our best line of defense in the progressive war on gender — rests completely on the results of this race.

2.) New Jersey

Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.) is a strong conservative representative in New Jersey who came under fire for criticizing the NRCC for financially supporting Republican candidates who support same-sex marriage. Millions of dollars from outside special interest groups have since poured into New Jersey’s 5th congressional district to defeat Garrett in his race against special interest lobbyist Josh Gottheimer. With the NRCC declining to help Garrett at all, and with only a small coalition of conservatives refusing to abandon him, there’s no doubt he’s an underdog heading into tonight. Continue Reading

Will Clay Cope Support FADA?

Photo credit: elPadawan via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Clay Cope is running for Congress in Connecticut with an unusual profile: he’s a Catholic convert, he’s for fiscal frugality, and he’s a gay former Texan via Manhattan weekender.

He sounds like a really nice guy. Really nice. But when asked a basic question — is he willing to support the First Amendment Defense Act which would prevent the federal government from discriminating against people and organizations that define marriage in the traditional way, not Anthony Kennedy’s way? — Cope had literally nothing to say:

“It’s just not one I’m ready to answer tonight,” Cope said. “That’s the truth.”

As The Connecticut Mirror notes, “GOP presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina signed a pledge to push for passage their first 100 days as president. Trump didn’t sign, but a conservative web site posted a letter from Trump saying he would be supportive if Congress deemed it a priority.”

Peter Wolfgang, head of the Connecticut Family Institute, is right in saying FADA is a big opportunity for a gay conservative in Connecticut: “As a gay man himself he has the potential of a Nixon-goes-to-China by supporting the religious liberty of dissenters on an issue that has so polarized politics. He has the potential to bridge the chasm,” said Wolfgang, who has met with Cope.

Will Cope stand up for gay marriage dissenters?

Maggie Gallagher is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project and can be followed on Twitter @MaggieGallaghe. Continue Reading

Betrayal of Pro-Lifers Dooms Renee Ellmers

Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) (photo credit: House Committee on Foreign Affairs via Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0)

Last night we flexed the political muscle of the pro-life movement when we defeated Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.).

For those who don’t remember what happened: In January of last year, Congresswoman Ellmers — a former ally of Susan B. Anthony List and the pro-life movement — led the charge to stop the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, our top legislative priority.

Congresswoman Ellmers — who had previously supported this compassionate, common sense legislation to protect babies after five months — changed course. Ellmers claimed that young people don’t care about abortion and that Republicans should not make the pro-life bill a priority.

Ellmers publicly removed her name as a co-sponsor from the bill and launched a media firestorm which derailed the legislation and prevented the scheduled vote. She drew attention away from the horrific reality that the U.S. is only one of seven nations on the planet to allow abortion on demand after five months.

Her betrayal could not have been more profound, especially for an organization like ours which places a special emphasis on women’s leadership. When she betrayed us, we sought to replace her with a trusted pro-life ally. That’s why we endorsed Congressman George Holding.

For weeks, the Susan B. Anthony List North Carolina canvassing team has gone door to door across the district, talking to primary voters about Rep. Ellmers betrayal. We knocked on 12,571 doors in the weeks leading up to the primary last night. Continue Reading

Jimmy Kemp Endorses Daria Novak in U.S. House Race

U.S. Capitol building

Connecticut GOP candidate for Congress and longtime gold standard proponent Daria Novak has just received the endorsement of Jimmy Kemp, son of the late Jack Kemp, former HUD secretary and New York Congressman who also ran alongside Bob Dole in his 1996 bid to defeat former President Bill Clinton. In a statement reprinted yesterday by the Novak campaign, Kemp reiterated Novak’s reputation as “a relentless fighter for the growth policies that Jack Kemp advanced…to create 40 million new jobs in the 80’s and 90’s” and called Novak, “a champion of the classical gold standard.”

Novak is just the latest Republican to actively address what is emerging as popular issue in the 2016 campaign. The top two candidates running for the Republican presidential nomination, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and New York billionaire Donald J. Trump, have both spoken positively of returning the United States to hard currency, as have other congressional candidates. By making the gold standard a centerpiece of her campaign, Novak is hoping to ride the “hard money tide” all the way to the House of Representatives, stating on her campaign site, “The classical gold standard is Constitutional money and it made America great.”

Kemp’s endorsement also comes on the heels of oft-cited business leader and economics expert George Gilder’s, after whose ideas Reaganomics was modeled, as well as that of two-time Republican presidential candidate and businessman Steve Forbes, who referred to Novak as “a ‘Prosperity Heroine.’” Novak will face four-term Democratic Congressman Joe Courtney in the general election contest this fall. Continue Reading

Daria Novak Campaigns for the Gold Standard in Congressional Race

Photo credit: Bullion Vault via Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Daria Novak is crusading for the gold standard in her race for Congress in eastern Connecticut. Now, Novak recently has received the endorsement of George Gilder, the living author most quoted by President Reagan and the author of many influential books such as the million seller Wealth and Poverty — the “bible” of Reaganomics — and the new Amazon best-seller The Scandal of Money: Why Wall Street Recovers But The Economy Never Does. In a public statement Gilder declares:

Daria Novak’s endorsement of gold shows she understands one of the core problems facing the American economy: the Federal Reserve’s monopoly money is corrupting Wall Street, gelding Silicon Valley, and killing Main Street. I urge her election.

Novak, on her website (as, reportedly, in her stump speech) states:

Prosperity: Restore the American Dream

The classical gold standard is Constitutional money and it made America great. The late, great Jack Kemp introduced perfect legislation for restoring the gold standard, co-sponsored by Newt Gingrich, with the Gold Standard Act of 1984. If elected my first official act will be reintroducing that legislation substantively word for word, and then crusading on that as key to getting job creation, economic security, and upward mobility back at a sizzling rate.

Novak is in distinguished company. The gold standard is re-emerging as an attractive formula for restoring the American Dream of equitable prosperity. Both the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump, and his closest rival, Sen. Ted Cruz, publicly praised the gold standard in the context of the presidential primary:

Donald Trump:

In a GQ video interview, the billionaire said he would support … the gold standard.

Continue Reading

George Phillips, New York Congressional Candidate, Campaigns on the Gold Standard

Campaign poster for Republican presidential candidate William McKinley, 1900.

George Phillips, campaigning for the Republican nomination for Congress in mid-state New York, recently featured the gold standard as part of his economic platform. As reported by, Phillips stated in a high profile speech:

I think Fed policy is at the heart of inequality. Wall Street, the wealthiest have gotten wealthier because of this soft money policy. They’re getting returns on these bonds and doing massive investments. Main Street is struggling.  We can’t get this economy going. The Fed has tried to do too much. We need to return to stable money and gold.

Phillips hereby aligns himself with the two GOP presidential front runners, both of whom have praised the gold standard:

Donald Trump:

In a GQ video interview, the billionaire said he would support … the gold standard.

“Bringing back the gold standard would be very hard to do, but boy, would it be wonderful,” the billionaire continued. [“We’d have a standard on which to base our money.”]

Ted Cruz, to Rick Santelli, on CNBC:

I think the Fed should get out of the business of trying to juice our economy, and simply be focused on sound money and monetary stability, ideally tied to gold.

Gold standard proponents are on strong ground. In a white paper issued by the Bank of England in December 2011, Financial Stability Paper No. 13, the gold standard and Bretton Wood gold-exchange standard outperformed the Federal Reserve Note standard in effect since August 15, 1971 in every respect measured. Continue Reading

Democratic House Candidate: Keep Religious Freedom Out of Laws of the Land

Photo credit: Ted Mielczarek via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Monica Vernon, a Democrat candidate in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District race, discussed her opposition to the First Amendment Defense Act that is co-sponsored by Congressman Rod Blum (R-IA) whom she hopes to unseat. Her comments were in response to a question about her opinion of members of Congress who base their opposition and support of bills on their religious beliefs. Vernon was participating in an hour-long town hall at the Waterloo Center for the Arts on April 8th that was hosted by Americans for Democratic Action.

“One of the things that I found particularly upsetting was his interest in signing onto the so-called First Amendment Defense Act. I think this was a thinly veiled response of the far right to the Supreme Court justices’ wonderful decision, I think, on marriage equality,” Vernon said. “I heralded, I celebrated that thing, I thought you should marry who you love and you ought to be able to make those kinds of decisions and it should be the law of the land, and I am so thankful that it is.”

“This act would make it so that employers whether in for-profit situations or not-for-profit could fire people based on religion. So for example legal scholars who have looked at this have said that even a single woman who is pregnant could be fired for that. So just think of what all could happen if… I am absolutely opposed to that, and I think it goes back to separation of church and state. Continue Reading