Why Did Kasich Take $700,000 From Soros and Friends?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

LifeSiteNews points out:

A simple search of Governor Kasich’s 2016 Presidential campaign donations lists the Soros Fund Management as the sixth highest individual donor with $202,700. The seventh largest donor is the Duquesne Family Office with $150,000.  On the Super PAC side, Kasich’s New Day for America received $150,000 from Stanley Drukenmiller (who operates the Duquesne Family Office) and $200,000 from Scott Beset, who is employed by the Soros Fund Management.

Scott Bessent served as George Soros’ chief investment manager until late 2015, while Stanley Druckenmiller currently manages $2 billion of Soros’ hedge funds. Clearly, these three names, George Soros, Scott Bessent, and Stanly Drukenmiller represent George Soros just as New Day for America and Kasich for America represent Governor John Kasich.

In total therefore, George Soros, personally and through surrogates, has donated over $700,000 to Governor John Kasich’s campaign.

Soros is one of the largest donors to Planned Parenthood, has funded a campaign to repeal abortion laws in Ireland, and has given Hillary Clinton $8 million.

So LifeSiteNews asks the key question: “So why would this leading international advocate for a culture of death donate so much money to a GOP candidate who has been mathematically eliminated from the contest?”

Soros wrote an op-ed in a British newspaper lumping Donald Trump with Ted Cruz as a threat to the principles of an open society.

Is dividing the anti-Trump vote so Cruz cannot emerge as the nominee and beat Hillary Clinton the real goal here? Continue Reading

Why Did Kasich Suddenly Pledge Amnesty?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Richard Viguerie’s newsletter just published this hard-hitting attack on John Kasich’s sudden immigration conversion:

Ohio Governor John Kasich is, on the other hand, a late public convert to the cause of amnesty for illegal aliens, but he’s doing his best to surpass Rubio as he aims to be the replacement establishment candidate now that Rubio is faltering in his own home state.

Over the course of the campaign Governor Kasich has made a series of increasingly extreme statements on immigration that place him to the furthest leftward reaches of not just the GOP Presidential field, but the Democratic Presidential field as well.

In a desperate attempt to sweep up the support of the tech barons and oligarchs who are pulling out of Rubio’s failing campaign Kasich has gone even further than Rubio did at the height of the effort to force the hated Gang of Eight bill through Congress.

For instance, Kasich has said that enforcing our immigration laws and deporting the illegal immigrants is not “humane.” Kasich likened deportations to the Japanese internment camps of World War II.

Kasich has also pledged that he will enact amnesty within the first 100 days of his hoped-for Presidency– so instead of the Gang of Eight’s arcane decade-long process for “legalizing” illegal aliens Governor Kasich would legalize them in the first 100 days of a Kasich administration.

Meaning that those who support John Kasich’s presidential campaign are voting to enact the largest amnesty in U.S.

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Is Soros Funding Kasich to Help Nominate Trump?

George Soros (photo credit: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0)

News just broke from the Center for Responsible Politics that George Soros’ organization Soros Fund Management has given over $200,000 to help John Kasich (h/t Breitbart).

This may explain why Kasich just announced he is straight up for amnesty for illegal immigrants and also Kasich’s continued reluctance to defend victims of the Left’s campaign to treat gay marriage dissenters like racists.

Will the Left keep propping Kasich up to divide the anti-Trump vote?

Maggie Gallagher is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project and can be followed on Twitter @MaggieGallaghe. Continue Reading