Jimmy Kemp Endorses Daria Novak in U.S. House Race

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Connecticut GOP candidate for Congress and longtime gold standard proponent Daria Novak has just received the endorsement of Jimmy Kemp, son of the late Jack Kemp, former HUD secretary and New York Congressman who also ran alongside Bob Dole in his 1996 bid to defeat former President Bill Clinton. In a statement reprinted yesterday by the Novak campaign, Kemp reiterated Novak’s reputation as “a relentless fighter for the growth policies that Jack Kemp advanced…to create 40 million new jobs in the 80’s and 90’s” and called Novak, “a champion of the classical gold standard.”

Novak is just the latest Republican to actively address what is emerging as popular issue in the 2016 campaign. The top two candidates running for the Republican presidential nomination, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and New York billionaire Donald J. Trump, have both spoken positively of returning the United States to hard currency, as have other congressional candidates. By making the gold standard a centerpiece of her campaign, Novak is hoping to ride the “hard money tide” all the way to the House of Representatives, stating on her campaign site, “The classical gold standard is Constitutional money and it made America great.”

Kemp’s endorsement also comes on the heels of oft-cited business leader and economics expert George Gilder’s, after whose ideas Reaganomics was modeled, as well as that of two-time Republican presidential candidate and businessman Steve Forbes, who referred to Novak as “a ‘Prosperity Heroine.’” Novak will face four-term Democratic Congressman Joe Courtney in the general election contest this fall. Continue Reading

Daria Novak Campaigns for the Gold Standard in Congressional Race

Photo credit: Bullion Vault via Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Daria Novak is crusading for the gold standard in her race for Congress in eastern Connecticut. Now, Novak recently has received the endorsement of George Gilder, the living author most quoted by President Reagan and the author of many influential books such as the million seller Wealth and Poverty — the “bible” of Reaganomics — and the new Amazon best-seller The Scandal of Money: Why Wall Street Recovers But The Economy Never Does. In a public statement Gilder declares:

Daria Novak’s endorsement of gold shows she understands one of the core problems facing the American economy: the Federal Reserve’s monopoly money is corrupting Wall Street, gelding Silicon Valley, and killing Main Street. I urge her election.

Novak, on her website (as, reportedly, in her stump speech) states:

Prosperity: Restore the American Dream

The classical gold standard is Constitutional money and it made America great. The late, great Jack Kemp introduced perfect legislation for restoring the gold standard, co-sponsored by Newt Gingrich, with the Gold Standard Act of 1984. If elected my first official act will be reintroducing that legislation substantively word for word, and then crusading on that as key to getting job creation, economic security, and upward mobility back at a sizzling rate.

Novak is in distinguished company. The gold standard is re-emerging as an attractive formula for restoring the American Dream of equitable prosperity. Both the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump, and his closest rival, Sen. Ted Cruz, publicly praised the gold standard in the context of the presidential primary:

Donald Trump:

In a GQ video interview, the billionaire said he would support … the gold standard.

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