Rubio to Chinese: Stop Forcing Women to Abort Their Third Child!

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Marco Rubio is saying what the liberal media will not about China’s abolition of the one-child policy in favor of a two-child policy: A two-child policy is just as inhumane and unjust as the former law.

“While the decision to allow Chinese couples to have two children is a modest improvement, the policy is still repressive,” Rubio told LifeNews. “The fact remains that when couples conceive a third child, the Chinese government will force them to eliminate him or her, by any means necessary.”

China’s Communist Party announced the policy change on Thursday.  Yet while the media acknowledges the crippling effect the one-child policy has had on China’s economy as well as the fact that a two-child policy will have a minimal positive impact, many outlets do not discuss the cruel reality of even a two-child rule.

The one-child policy, first implemented in 1980, has led to more than 13 million abortions a year in the country, or 1,500 abortions an hour.  It has also resulted in tyranny by family planning officials, who frequently “jail couples who refuse to comply, sentence them to house arrest or labor camps, revoke jobs or government support, use physical harassment or violence, and often target other family members.”  Forced abortions and sterilizations are far too common in China even today.

The question that Rubio now asks is why any of these atrocities would stop just because the number of children permitted for couples to have has changed. Continue Reading