Senator Sasse Says He Cannot Vote for Trump

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska became the first elected Republican to say that he will not support Donald Trump if he is the nominee, in a lengthy Facebook post. Sasse begins by debunking the inevitable attacks against him, pointing out he is not a career politicians, not part of the establishment, doesn’t care that much about job security, and got into politics as a Constitutional conservative determined to make Washington focus on the people’s priorities, not the lobbyists. And then he says this:

Let’s begin by rejecting naïve purists: Politics has no angels. Politics is not about creating heaven on earth. Politics is simply about preserving a framework for ordered liberty – so that free people can find meaning and happiness not in politics but in their families, their neighborhoods, their work.


Now, let’s talk about political parties: parties are just tools to enact the things that we believe. Political parties are not families; they are not religions; they are not nations – they are often not even on the level of sports loyalties. They are just tools. I was not born Republican. I chose this party, for as long as it is useful.

If our Party is no longer working for the things we believe in – like defending the sanctity of life, stopping ObamaCare, protecting the Second Amendment, etc. – then people of good conscience should stop supporting that party until it is reformed.


Now, let’s talk about voting: Voting is usually just about choosing the lesser evil of the most viable candidates.

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