Did Renee Ellmers Betray the Pro-Life Movement? (VIDEO)

Marjorie Dannenfelser, the president of the Susan B. Anthony List, recently sat down with The Pulse 2016 to talk pro-life politics, and particularly the controversy that convinced her to work to defeat Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) in next week’s state congressional primary:

THE PULSE 2016: So, who’s making you mad this week?

MARJORIE DANNENFELSER: Well, Renee Ellmers is at the top of the list. Honestly, she was the first person from North Carolina that I feel like we really could believe in. In a lot of ways, we were also the first PAC in when she decided to run she was a nurse, she totally understood the pro-life issue, and —

THE PULSE 2016: And what has she done to make you mad?


DANNENFELSER: To make me mad in particular, most recently, on the verge of the pro-life march a couple of years ago, when we had just set up everything to have the most beautiful vote on the Pain-Capable bill, the late term 5-month bill —

THE PULSE 2016: That was, like, January of last year…?

DANNENFELSER: That’s right. We had started to organize the entire march to surround the Capitol of the United States to pray while they were voting, and what happened in the middle of this? She really led the revolt to derail that bill.  There were others that had some issues. They wanted to change some language, but she went to the media. She started talking about how millennials really are not into this issue.

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