Group Launches So-So Anti-Trump Ad on Profanity (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has said he kind of likes this ad, and I can see why:

The people creating it seem to have done it formulaically, and it ends with a triumphal image of The Donald.

If I were to run on this, I would make it an ad targeted at parents, especially women.

It would begin: “In a culture overwhelmed by coarseness and ugliness, we need people to fight for what is right and good about America.” (Show a montage of the White House, George Washington, Ronald Reagan.)

“Is this what we want in our White House?”

Then show a shortened profanity reel ending with Anthony Weiner.

Cut to a mom, shaking her head.

“If my son talked like that to me, I’d send him to his room — what am I going to say to him if I send Trump to the White House.”

Maggie Gallagher is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project.