Red Flags for Walker on Life?

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (photo via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Over at The Stream, the new magazine published by mega-evangelical James Orbison, John Zmirak reports doubts from pro-lifers about Walker’s commitment to life issues, based on his decision to hire several pro-abortion staffers:

Pro-life leaders are planning to demand that Walker decisively demonstrate his commitment to the unborn. If he does not purge his campaign of questionable personnel — the kind who will whisper names like “O’Connor” and “Souter” in his ear — then his credibility gap on the issue of life will only widen.

I asked’s own Marjorie Dannenfelser for her reaction. “A better barometer would be what happens in Wisconsin on the 5-month Pain Capable bill,” she noted.

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