Jindal Attacks Pro-Common Core Ads

On March 10th, Buzzfeed reported on a phone interview they conducted with Lousiana Gov. Bobby Jindal:

“I’ve heard the ads,” Jindal told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview from Iowa. “They can run all the ads they want telling us why they should have control of education… and that parents aren’t smart enough to know what’s best for their kids. They can do that. But I wouldn’t bet against the parents.”

He added, “Clearly, the folks that are for Common Core have a lot of money. Good for them. I still put my money on the moms and dads.”

He went on, telling Buzzfeed:

“If voters want to vote for someone who’s pro-Common Core, they’re going to have an opportunity to do that in this election,” Jindal said, implicitly referring to Bush, who is the only one in the GOP field who supports the standards.

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Bush: “Not going to back down” on Common Core

Real Clear Politics and the Associated Press reported on former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s most recent string of events and appearances in Iowa this past weekend. One notable appearance was a March 6th fundraiser for Rep. David Young near Des Moines, where a supporter in attendance reportedly told Bush, “I applaud you for your support of Common Core, keep on that topic.” Bush responded by saying: “Raising expectations and having accurate assessments of where kids are is essential for success, and I’m not going to back down on that.” RCP reports that he added: “What I can tell you is the federal government shouldn’t be involved in this.” According to the Associated Press, Bush told reporters after the event: “I know what I believe. I believe in higher standards that develop critical thinking skills.”

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Rand Paul Offended by the Terming of Same-Sex Unions as “Marriages”

In a recent interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) reaffirmed his belief in traditional marriage. Paul also stated that defining same-sex unions as marriages offended many, including himself. He instead advocated for contracts between adults stating:

Well I’m for traditional marriage. I think marriage is between a man and a woman. Ultimately, we could have fixed this a long time ago if we just allowed contracts between adults. We didn’t have to call it marriage, which offends myself and a lot of people. But I think having competing contracts that would give them equivalency before the law would have solved a lot of these problems, and it may be where we’re still headed.

The entire interview can be viewed below:

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Cruz Discusses Marriage in Iowa

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) discussed marriage on Des Moines’ Mickelson in the Morning radio show on March 9th:

Look, unfortunately, we have seen judges, and especially the Supreme Court, ignoring the law and making it up… What I have already pledged that I will do is introduce a constitutional amendment to make absolutely clear that marriage is a question for the states. And if the citizens of the State of Iowa or the citizens of the State of Texas want to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman, that the states have the constitutional authority to do so and that the federal government and unelected judges cannot set aside the democratically elected legislature’s reasonable decisions to enact and protect traditional marriage.

Cruz went on, saying:

If the courts were following the Constitution we shouldn’t need a new amendment, but they are, as you put it quite rightly, making it up right now, and it is a real danger to our liberty.

The entire radio interview can be heard below:

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Jeb Bush Writes Op-Ed Supporting Common Core

On March 6, the Washington Post published an op-ed penned by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. In the op-ed, Bush implicitly reaffirmed his support for the Common Core despite the growing, bi-partisan opposition to the standards. Bush also argued for a limited federal role in elementary and secondary education, while simultaneously advocating for the re-authorization of federal education programs:

The federal government’s role in elementary and secondary education should be limited: It should work to create transparency so that parents can see how their local schools measure up; it should support policies that have a proven record; and it should make sure states can’t ignore students who need extra help. That’s it.

The reauthorization process can define and clarify this role. Where the federal government maintains the power of the purse — as it does with Title I programs aimed at supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds — Congress should direct it to let states use that funding in a flexible manner to meet the goal of the programs. For example, states should have the right to decide whether Title I funding should be used to create education savings accounts that parents can use to send their kids to the schools that best meet their needs.


Most critically, we can use the reauthorization process to keep states and local districts in control of making vital decisions about standards, curriculum and academic content. States should also actively protect the privacy of student data; some states, such as Oklahoma, have already found the right solutions to that problem.

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Carson Tells Hannity He Won’t Talk About Same-Sex Marriage Anymore

After the media fallout from his CNN interview in which he stated he believes homosexuality is a choice, Dr. Ben Carson says he has decided not to talk about same-sex marriage anymore. While speaking of the CNN interview on Sean Hannity’s radio show, Carson said:

First of all, it was a 25-minute interview, they chopped — and you see what part they emphasized. We talked about some really important things, none of that was brought up. But, I did learn something very important, for certain networks, never do a pre-taped interview…”

When asked about his decision to avoid discussing same-sex marriage anymore, Carson told Sean Hannity:

I simply have decided, that I’m not going to really talk about that issue anymore because every time I’m gaining momentum, the liberal press says ‘let’s talk about gay rights.’ And I’m just not going to fall for that anymore…”

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Christie Defends PARCC Testing at Town Hall Event

NJ.com reported on a town hall event New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie held in Fair Lawn, NJ on March 4th, which Christie mentioned during his CPAC Q&A with Laura Ingraham. Christie was quoted as telling town hall attendees: “I’m not going to kill PARCC before we even take PARCC.” He reportedly urged parents not to opt their children out of PARCC testing, so it could act as a barometer of whether parents were “getting their money’s worth” from public schools. Christie was also quoted as saying, “When the results come back, I may have grave concerns about PARCC… I’m not yet concerned, but I am aware. Let’s wait for the statistics to come in.”

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Jeb Bush Talks Common Core at CPAC

During his Q&A session with Sean Hannity at CPAC on February 27th, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was asked about his stance on education, and specifically on Common Core. The Q&A exchange was as follows:

Sean Hannity (11:16): Let me ask you—I know the second big issue that always comes up when you read about Governor Jeb Bush is the issue of Common Core. Um, it was interesting, I didn’t know until I was researching you, that you were the first governor to institute vouchers in the country. It was eventually overruled by the Supreme Court of Florida, but you were the first Governor to allow a voucher system. I think a lot of conservatives believe in vouchers. But I want you to address the Common Core issue.

Governor Bush (11:41): Sure, well, I’ll do it in the context of comprehensive reform, because high standards by themselves aren’t meaningful. They’re helpful, they’re better than lower standards, but by themselves if there’s no accountability around this, if there’s no consequence between mediocrity and failure or excellence, then the system won’t move forward. In Florida, we took a comprehensive approach. Yes, we did have the first statewide voucher program, and we have more school choice in Florida, both public and private, than any other state in the country. And we have the largest virtual school. We have the largest corporate tax scholarship program, we have 30,000 students that if their parents—that if their child has a learning disability they can take the dollars, the state and local dollars, and send them to any private school of their choice.

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Trump: Jeb Bush Unelectable Due to Common Core Stance

During his February 27th appearance at CPAC, Donald Trump was asked about his stance on Common Core. He told Sean Hannity that he felt, “Common Core is bad. Bad.” He went further, drawing a contrast between himself and Jeb Bush on the issue, stating:

“Jeb Bush he’s in favor of Common Core…Think of it for a second: In favor of Common Core… I don’t see him winning. I don’t see there’s any way.”

Trump’s entire appearance at CPAC can be viewed below:

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